Roxtec RM Modules

Roxtec RM Modules are typically used with Roxtec frames, wedges & stayplates to comprise a custom engineered cable entry system, designed to meet your exact sealing application needs. A Roxtec Multidiameter module comes with a solid centre core. Until removed for a cable or pipe the core makes the module serve as a spare block, thus eliminating the need for separate “solid” blocks

Roxtec RM Module Technical Specifications

A multidiameter sealing module consists of two halves with removable layers and a centre core. One single module can seal a cable or pipe of several different diameters simply by peeling its layers. The standard RM modules, 60 millimetres deep (2.362”), are used with Roxtec frames of 60 millimetres depth (2.362”). The different RM modules cover a cable/pipe diameter range of 3.0 to 99.0 millimetres (0.118”-3.898”). Whenever possible we recommend choosing twin or triplet modules like RM20w40 or RM15w40. Benefits are an even higher area efficiency per frame opening, quicker installation and increased cost effectiveness.

Download Roxtec RM Module PDF Sheet

Roxtec RM Module Installation Instructions

Description Size Name
Roxtec RM Modules GB/CN/DE/ES/FR 584 kB Roxtec RM Modules v1.pdf
Roxtec RM Modules GB/CZ/PL/PT/JP 437 kB Roxtec RM Modules v2.pdf
Roxtec RM Modules GB/FI/RU/SE/IT 250 kB Roxtec RM Modules v1.pdf

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RM 40 12-32

RM 40 10-32


For cable/pipe Ø (mm) 9.5 – 32.5 External dimensions WxHxD (mm) 40 x 40 x 60 Weight (kg) 0.14 Art.

RM 60 24-54

RM 60 24-54


For cable/pipe Ø (mm) 24 – 54 External dimensions WxHxD (mm) 60 x 60 x 60 Weight (kg) 0.33 Art.

Roxtec 40/0 RC, 4pcs

Roxtec 40/0 RC, 4pcs


Art. No. RMC0300401000

rm 90

Roxtec RM 90


Roxtec RM 90 modules Art. No. RM00100901000

rm 120

Roxtec RM 120


Roxtec RM 120 module Art. No. RM00101201000

rm 120 woc

Roxtec RM 120 WOC


Roxtec RM 120 module without core Art. No. RM00001201000

rm 120 woc

Roxtec RM 15


Roxtec RM 15 module Art. No. RM00100151000

RM 15/0

Roxtec RM 15/0


Art. No. RM00300151000

excel placeholder

Roxtec RM 15w40


Roxtec RM 15w40 module Art. No. RM00115401000

excel placeholder

Roxtec RM 20


Roxtec RM 20 module Art. No. RM00100201000

RM 20/0

Roxtec RM 20/0


Art. No. RM00300201000

RM 20/0 4pc

Roxtec RM 20/0 RC, 4pcs


Art. No. RMC0300201000

Roxtec RM 20w40


Roxtec RM 20w40 module Art. No. RM00120401000

rm 30

Roxtec RM 30


Roxtec RM30 modules Art. No. RM00100301000

RM 30/0

Roxtec RM 30/0


Art. No. RM00300301000

rm 90 WOC

Roxtec RM 90 WOC


Roxtec RM 90 module without core Art. No. RM00000901000

rm 40

Roxtec RM 40


Roxtec RM40 module Art. No. RM00100401000

rm 40/0

Roxtec RM 40/0


Art. No. RM00300401000

rm 5/0x24

Roxtec RM 5/0x24


Art. No. RM00305241000

rm 40

Roxtec RM 60


Roxtec RM 60 module Art. No. RM00100601000

rm 60 WOC

Roxtec RM 60 WOC


Roxtec RM 60 modules without core Art. No. RM00000601000


Roxtec RM 60/0


Art. No. RM00300601000

rm 80

Roxtec RM 80


Roxtec RM 80 module Art. No. 5RM0000003350

rm 80 WOC

Roxtec RM 80 WOC


Roxtec RM 80 module without core Art. No. 5RM0000000534