Excel Automation LLC has been an Authorized Distributor of numerous products for Industrial Automation for 30 years. It is headquartered in Brunswick, OH. In November, 2017.

Excel Automation acquired Eagle Sensors & Controls, an Authorized Distributor of similar products for Industrial Automation. Eagle Sensors & Controls is a Division of Excel Automation. Eagle Sensors & Controls has been in business for 41 years, and has offices in Lenexa, KS. and St. Louis, MO. The synergy of this union of these two, experienced companies serving the industrial market, is a significant benefit to our combined customer base.

Our sales staff are thoroughly trained on the products, and knowledgeable about their capabilities. This experience allows us to solve some of the most challenging applications in the industry.

Roxtec manufactures entry seals for cables and pipes. The unique Roxtec design is a multi-layered sealing module with two-half segments to seal against a given cable or pipe. This Roxec layered systems provides the benefit that every sealing module can accept a wide-range of cable, or pipe diameters. Roxtec provides both Kit solutions, as well as Custom solutions. The Kit solutions from Roxtec are primarily intended for installation on electrical enclosures. They are offered as a complete package, by part number. This makes the task of selection and installation easy. They are offered with either metallic frames or non-metallic frames. While some frames are designed to only accommodate a single cable or pipe, most of the Kit solutions are designed to accept multiple cables or pipes.

The Custom solutions from Roxtec are unique and specific to the needs of each application. Selection of the appropriate product is requires a thorough understanding of both the application as well as the present and future needs of the user. The relevant questions are asked upfront in the selection process, to ensure specify the optimum outcome.

Custom solutions have a wide range of frames designs, sizes, and materials. Most frames are offered in either primed mild steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless. Roxtec Custom solutions are made to order, but are typically available in only a 1-2 week lead time. Several Roxtec Custom solutions have frames that can open, to be installed around existing cables or pipes. Custom solutions are offered with designs that facilitate how the frame is secured to the wall or barrier. These options include attachment by bolting, welding, or self-expansion properties.

Whether your choice is a Roxtec Kit or Custom solution, and depending on your needs, you can specify if you need a product only to incorporate the current number of cables or pipes in your cable/pipe schedule, or specify the solution to allow for future expansion needs via spare positions. The spare positions remain 100% sealed and maintain the integrity of the wall or barrier until future use.

Roxtec is a truly a global product, and serves the industrial, communications, oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, utility, and maritime industries, to name a few. Excel Automation is an authorized Roxtec distributor. Contact Excel Automation for your Roxtec cable or pipe sealing applications.

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